Posted by: cueballcol | October 30, 2007


You don’t really see much of Bette Midler nowadays do you ? Or Kathy Najimy. You see far too much of Sarah Jessica Parker for my liking. If you’d like to see the three of them in a ninety minute ‘who can irritate and mug the most’  test of patience then look no further. Look at Bette Midler’s teeth, comedy gold! Kathy Najimy’s barking! Literally! Sarah Jessica Parker is dipsy! No change! Omri Katz!

Actually, I always liked Omri Katz. He was in ‘Eerie, Indiana’, the short lived Joe Dante series that was great fun and could be very inventive. And Dick Miller was in it. And the twins from Gremlins 2. And I’m almost certain Robert Picardo must’ve slipped in for an episode somewhere. The funny thing is, immediately after watching this pap I saw a Christmas episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air that had the short curly haired kid from Eerie as a carol singer. My wife put on Coronation Street after this but I held out little hope of seeing Dick Miller propping up the bar in the Rovers (Ah, what strange and beautiful parallel universe could create such a cultural confection).
Anyway, Hocus Pocus. The kids seemed to enjoy it. Then again they like eating Cheesestrings so what the fuck do they know ?



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