Posted by: cueballcol | October 31, 2007



No matter what happens, I will find you. Y’know, whatever pops into your head first I say go with it. I made some notes on this film as I was watching, something I’d never tried before but I thought I’d attempt a bit of journalistic methodology to try and avoid going off on tangents in reviews and talking about mayonnaise and shit. As it turns out this film was such an overbalancing ricketty cart full of monkey balls that I have not an ounce of artistic fervour within my belaboured soul to muster even the most perfunctionary of reviews.So, here are my notes instead…(I should point out that my note taking abilities have neither improved nor matured since doing my GCSE’s, the only difference is that now I don’t have pictures of the Enterprise destroying a bird of prey or some Gigerian monstrosity adorning the margins)

heavy soundtrack bullshit
malcolm going the way of Clint Howard
I’ve got a thing with fire, it’s a long story
looks like Finn from Hollyoaks
not as good as brainscan
loomis, lazy fuckers
she just called him Finn, check imdb
run down by cgi horse and cart wtf
dad went nuts
set place on fire
mom still in bed


At the point my notes ended I was more engrossed in the search for a Nintendo Wii for a friend and updating my dwarf porn website raising funds to repair the church roof. So in the end they did stuff,er, it involved fire (no shit), a shiny laptop saved the day, Malcolm didn’t die and the evil game lived on but turned its’ back on foul deeds to play noughts and crosses with Matthew Broderick (SPOILER).



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