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I probably could’ve done a bigger list than this but I wanted to keep the Star Trek theme running on from the Young Spock pictures that surfaced earlier this week. Not that I expect anyone to disagree with my following choices, but should you feel the need to point out a differing viewpoint please feel free to avail yourself of the comments at the bottom of the post. Alright, lets get on with it…

Praxis (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
Death Star 2 (Return Of The Jedi:Special Edition)


It looks like Lucas was watching a bit of the ole Undiscovered Country before he decided to go re-jigging the original trilogy. Check out the circular explosion wave that he ripped off from the start of Star Trek VI  when the Klingon moon Praxis explodes. Plus, the Klingon Bird of Prey in that same film is one of the more superior spaceship explosions you are ever likely to see.


Need I say more ?

The Enterprise
The Millenium Falcon


Based on simple aesthetics I don’t think anyone can argue against the beauty of the Enterprise. The Millenium Falcon in comparison looks like someone took a proper spaceship and sat on it. It doesn’t work half the time and is woefully underpopulated in terms of mini skirted yeomen. Plus, the firepower is inadequate and ridiculously manual and it doesn’t look as cool when it goes into warp.

2:Comic relief
Pavel Chekov
Jar Jar Binks


I know Jar Jar is an easy target to pick but I’m blatantly picking choices that support my statement in the pursuit of unethical journalism. Anyway, not one instance of Jar Jar comically winning major battles with pratfalls and buffoonery can compare with the comedic goldmine of a man that pronounces V as W. “Excuse me, can you help? I’m trying to find the nuclear wessels?” Check out the Futurama episode with the original Star Trek cast it’s a classic.

KHAAAAAAANNN! (Kirk, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan)
NOOOOOOOOO! (Darth Vader, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith)

Talk about passion. Check out Kirk’s face as the anger rises and the jaw shakes and the eyes flare and “KHAAAAAAAAN!”. Now look at Darth, not a flicker of emotion as he staggers forward, I almost expect him to fall to his knees for extra emphasis. The audience aren’t the only ones laughing because of this scene, you’ve go to wonder what James Earl Jones got paid because he must’ve been laughing all the way to the bank.



  1. AH I see your plan to make Star Wars look Merde against Star Trek…pick the shit bits of Star Wars.

    How very dare you! SW is well better n’ that!

  2. Aha! Look at the Star Wars fan admitting that the Millenium Falcon is shit! I pwn your kessell running ass Ewok-fucker!

  3. Check this link out Spock Boy!

  4. Ah, you want a game of link tennis, huh? Right back atcha Sy Snootles (don’t get me started on that)

  5. Pah!!! Wrong, wrong!
    Firstly, on the explosions front, can I just point out that the Star Trek explosion example looks like a jellyfish. Hardly a great metaphor for the obliteration of an entire moon.
    As for the Enterprise, yes it looks pretty, sleek, smooth, blah, blah, but it’s all sooooo boring. It’s like comparing a reliable people carrier to a nifty little old sports car. The Millenium Falcon looks mean, a bit like a crab, and would easily outmanouevre the Enterprise. It will do a u-turn in a nanosecond. I mean, it does loop-the loop, what more can I say?! And that is why it’s passengers do not wander around in miniskirts!
    Also, look at the pilots. If we’re talking sexiness here (and I am!) I know which of the 2 pilots I’d rather do! And it ain’t Captain Kirk.

  6. Looks like a mean crab ? Does it have the recipe for the Krabby Pattie as well ? Sexiness ? Never underestimate the power of The Shat! Solo ends up as Leias pussy whipped Ewok hugging bitch while Kirk bestrides the universe like a colossuss, spreading his mighty Iowan seed with nary a care for creed, colour or race. And he sings, too!

  7. That’s what makes Solo sexy. Cocky and confident, but in the end you know he’s a big sofite. Kirk singing in his lycra?? Camp as Xmas.

  8. There is no debate that Star Wars revolutionized the special effects industry. However, that was not the point of this “article.”

    5. Explosions: No question, the explosions in Star Trek are far better. If you watch both and can’t see that, then you’re just drinking the proverbial Koolaid. If you even saw Star Trek VI, then you know that it was not the moon that exploded, but one of the industrial facilities on the moon that exploded. And since this explosion literally blew off half the moon, trails of energy rings (“jelly-fish”??) are NOT far-fetched. Go watch a nuclear explosion and imagine that 100,000 times stronger…
    And to reiterate the commenter above me, the Bird of Prey explosion at the end of VI is one of the greatest explosions EVER. – Go watch it.

    4. No argument

    3. The Enterprise doesn’t need to loop-the-loop because it can actually hold its ground and fight. The Enterprise is bigger, faster, stronger, sleeker, and has enough weapons to easily handle the Millenium Falcon. Kirk vs. Solo is not the issue here, so we don’t get into that (although Kirk wins that one in my book).

    2. No argument

    1. No argument

  9. Whats up with Star Trek vs Star Wars debates?
    I’m a huge fan of ST and I enoy SW as well and I cannot understand the conflict between the fans of the two franchises..
    They’re both amazing examples of sci-fi with deep underlying messages that, honestly stretch beyond whether or not the Enterprise could Vaporize the Millenium Falcon.
    And as for which captain you’d rather shag?? My god.. if thats what you watch the movies thinking about your opinion is hardly worth the energy it took to type it out..
    The two universes simply appeal to different mindsets, but neither is better than the other (even though Star Trek will forever be my favourite of the two)
    All you do by viciously debating the merits of th one over the other is cheapen the quality of both..

  10. I always felt that Star Trek was better than Star Wars and there are some pieces of evidence to prove that Star Trek is better than Star Wars that are NOT listed such as character and plot development. Sadly confusedmatthew and supergodzilla12 bitch about character and plot development in their sickening YouTube reviews of The Lion King. However, that is understood since it chose waht the author felt are the the top five reasons as to why Star Trek is better than Star Wars. Pavel Checkov is way better than Jar Jar Binks hands down just like Argument 2 says. I HATE the cosmic vermin Star Wars mannal known as the Sando Aqua Monster since he loves to torture, rip in half, and eat Colo Claw Fish for lunch. I am very protective of the erotic Star Wars eels called Colo Claw Fish as to envision using non-Star Wars starships, including the Enterprise to transport them through deep space. Star Trek is more sensitive than Star Wars and I am a sensitive person. I remember reading somewhere a remark by a an insensitive Starwoid saying that “Star Trek is for sensitive cry babies.” The word “Starwoid” is a term for Star Wars fan.

    My list of top reasons why Star Trek is better than Star Wars:

    9) Star Trek at times had scientifc consultants such as planetary scientists, astrophysicists, and Issac Asimov for making some of its TV episodes and films, Star Wars had on of that.

    8) Star Trek has ties to the space program and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), the same cannot be said for Star Wars.

    7) Star Trek has inspired a lot more people to become scientists and engineers than Star Wars.

    6) Star Trek tackles a lot more real-life contemporary issues than Star Wars ever does. Star Trek has dealt with various real issues such as racism, sexism, prejudice, war, carelessness, politics, etc.

    5) Star Trek has much less handwavium wishful thinking than Star Wars does. The warp drive is based on physics and has been worked out by recent theoretical physicists such as Miguel Alcubierre and others. Worm holes are mathematically real and have been worked out by physicists such as Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking. The hyperdrive is just plain old FTL handwavium wishful thinking.

    4) Star Trek has no Sando Aqua Monsters in it. Blast, I HATE Sando Aqua Monsters!

    3) Star Trek heroes are more intelligent than Star Wars heroes.

    2) Star Trek rightfully discredits all demigods; meaning people with godlike powers (Gary Mitchell, Landru, Trelane, “God”, etc), while Star Wars makes heroes aut of some of its demigods.

    1) Star Trek has fragile ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances (human or NOT) as heroes while Star Wars requires demigod-like people such as Luke Skywalker to be heroes.

  11. Reblogged this on She Reviews Everything and commented:
    Well, having watched BOTH Star Trek and Star Wars, I now have this to say regarding the debate over if Star Trek is better than Star Wars:

    5. Agree with this one; I’m not sure if anything can top that explosion of Praxis.

    4. “For the last time, I’m a human, not a cyborg!”~attributed to Dr. Montgomery Bones.

    3. The Enterprise hands down. The Milenium Falcom doesn’t even come close to the Enterprise.

    2. Pavel Chekov is a comedic goldmine. Jar Jar Binks is nothing more than a caricature and a stereotypical version of a Jamacaian. George Lucas needs to apologize to Jamacians for this gross depiction of them.

    1. “KHAAAAAAAANNN!!!” You can’t beat that no matter how hard you try.

    Well, I guess Star Trek wins this round.
    Feel free to comment.

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