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That was about all I could think to say when asked by my wife what I thought of ths film immediately after watching it I’ve quite enjoyed a few Jack Black peformances, notably High Fidelity, The Cable Guy and, surprisingly, Shallow Hal. At times, though, he has that ‘Will Ferrell’ quality to him where you get all the trademark comdey stylings and quirks that are amusing to begin with but with continued repeating becomes, well, meh.
Anyway, this isn’t just a ‘Jack Black Film’, it’s a Tenacious D film. To be quite honest with you if I don’t saunter on over to the Kerrang channel once every couple of weeks I probably wouldn’t have heard of them and, as far as I’m concerned, their one moment of note ‘Tribute’. Apparently this is the most requested song in Kerrang channel history (don’t ask me, six years or something, I dunno) and, if I’m flicking through the music channels, I’ll more often than not give it a watch. The problem is this film is about the beginnings of Tenacious D, all leading up to this one shining moment in their careers where they went down in Kerrang channel history, and just when they get to the point where you’re thinking “Ah, they’re going to play that Tribute song that they’re famous for” they don’t and the film ends. I know what you’re thinking, “Hey buddy, just switch on Kerrang of you want a hit of that shit”. Well, I’m not too fussed about hearing the song or seeing them perform it, it’s just that for me and probably a lot of other people this song is the only thing we know and/or like about Tenacious D. We’ve just sat through an hour and a half of a fucking Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ripoff that hasn’t even got the common decency to include Eliza Dushku in a catsuit to make up for the worst Tim Robbins extended cameo in the history of annoying celebrity cameos with the possible exception of Ben “you shooting a movie? sure I’ll cameo! wheres the camera?” fucking Stiller who has now probably appeared in more fucking movies than John fucking Wayne and they used to pump out those fucking oaters every other week..(DEEP BREATH)…and they don’t even play that song everyone likes. Pardon my French. It was probably intentional though, pissing off the masses with their RAWK!

It starts out well. The kid they got to play a young Jack Black should get some kind of Lookalike Oscar or something, he was great. Plus, you get a bit of Meat Loaf action coupled with a Rock Opera vibe, both of which disappear as soon as the credits roll. Then you’ve got Black being meek and Gass being an ass, then they switch, then stuff happens, meh. Also, I’m quite sure there were a number of other cameos from musicians that went over my head, so it was probably a lot more fun for those in the know and they get the added bonus of feeling all superior and shit. Fuckers. There was this bit where Jack Black got beat up by Droogs from A Clockwork Orange and it wasn’t particularly humorous or a Clockwork Orange pastiche kind of thing, so I figured it was probably some band I didn’t know, because otherwise it was pointless and unfunny. There were some bits I found amusing….give me a minute here…it’ll come to me. Oh yeah, the kid, but I already mentioned him didn’t I? I’ll get back to you on this.



  1. i think this was a wholely unfair reveiw of POD. admitedly if your not a D-sciple then your not gonna love this film, but its fun, and there are some great songs in here, like master exploder,where Jack Black looks like a very hot young Ozzy Osbourne (yes im a straight guy and even i said he looks hot), Dude i tottally miss you is another awsome song which i think everyone can relate to at some point and the final showdown with the devil is a fantastic song, mainly on the devils side but hey. the guitar in that tune is awsome.
    to me this is like anybody watchin a film that is specifically made for any fan club.
    if you werent a spice girls fan you wouldnt watch they’re movie, and to be fair you shouldnt have even if you were a fan.

    but if you like the D then you will love this film

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