Posted by: cueballcol | November 19, 2007



According to Moviehole, “Those whispers about McG being in talks to direct the new “Terminator” movie – They’re no longer just whispers, and he’s no longer simply ‘in talks’. The “Charlie’s Angels” helmer is signed, sealed and delivered. He will direct “Terminator Salvation : The Future Begins“.”

So, the guy that gave us the filmic equivalent of a bad case of diarrhea folowed up by vomitus maximus with Charlies Angels 1 and 2 has got his hands on the Terminator franchise. I guess that’s what I get for finding the last installment ‘enjoyable, with a good ending’. I’m not one to pre-judge though, but this film is going to snort several lines of dessicated monkey balls. I’m just kidding, I’ll honestly give it a chance, what with me being a respected and ethical film journalistica type (past evidence to the contrary). What do you think to this news ? Don’t be shy now.


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