Posted by: cueballcol | November 21, 2007



Well, have you done it yet ?

Are you going to do it ?

Well, why not ? I’m telling you to in flippin’ capital letters at the top of this post, on an increasingly well read blog. Surely that’s enough for even the most ardent pacifist to turn off Heartbeat, grab themselves an Uzi and start mowing down innocents.

The reason for my rant on this fine Wednesday morning is due to the following article I have just read….

 Clicky clicky

What do you say to that then, stupid and easily influenced Joe Public ? Shit, I guess we best call the troops back home because if Clive Owen brandishing a couple of handguns on a poster is such a bad influence on society then our sons and daughters fighting the good fight in the desert must be sending out all kinds of bad vibes. I love the fact that it takes 55 people to institute policy of moral guardianship over a nation, does that mean if I can gather up 55 poeple I know from Facebook and Myspace I can get fucking Eastenders and Coronation Street banned for all eternity ?

And what is that shit about the angle of the guns determining how glamorising they were ? And the actors expression was ‘agressive’ and that ‘condones violence’. Did I miss a fucking meeting here ? So as long as Clive dons himself a nice cheesy grin and points his twin weapons of destruction two degrees to the left of the viewer this is all suddenly acceptable ? Words fucking fail me. What do you guys think ? 

DISCLAIMER: Cueball Col in no way actually wants you to go out and buy a gun, he is just trying to make a point so don’t be such a fucking mook, alright ?



  1. Well I already have two rifles and a Beretta 92SF so I’m pretty much covered already there Col….

    And I will happily be one of the 55 to get Eastenders and Coronation Street banned – just show me where to sign!

  2. The post was initially called GO AND BUY A GUN AND KILL SOMEONE, but I pictured the headlines and thought again.


    “This Cueball guy is a mentalist!” – Baz Bamigboye, Daily Star

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