Posted by: cueballcol | November 29, 2007



I guess you noticed that I’ve shot my Yuletide load a bit early this year, what with the banner image and the Xmas videos down there on the right. It happens every year, last night we made a start on hauling the boxes of Xmas decorations out of the loft (to check bulbs and untangle the Griswold sized knots) and it looks like someone got water on and fed those fuckers after midnight or something ’cause I can’t remember there being this many last year. So the spirit is upon me and has me in its’ tinselled maw so it’s time to get prepping for a month of candy cane flavoured jollies, first up I need some input. Over the month I’ll be watching and reviewing Xmas movies as and when and will undoubtedly compile a Top Ten list, but I’d also like a Readership Greatest Xmas Movies Ever List!, so stick your Top Ten (or however many) films you like to watch around Xmas time in the comments and I’ll get an overall list put together and stuck up on Xmas Eve (so long as I’m not too busy wrapping presents, drinking whiskey and watching Die Hard (family tradition))




  1. 1. Santa Claus The Movie
    2. Die Hard
    3. A Nightmare Before Christmas
    4. E.T. (No Xmas reference, but it’s always a good one to watch, ELLIOTT!)

    I will return with more (Someday).

  2. Die Hard
    Edward Scissorhands
    Batman Returns
    It’s A Wonderful Life
    The Dish – is there ever a good reason not to want to watch The Dish?
    Monster’s Inc
    Mary Poppins
    Duck Soup

  3. Scrooged

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