Posted by: cueballcol | December 3, 2007



One of the more amusing aspects of running a blog is the stats section that gives a breakdown of where readers have found the blog from. One of these is the Search Engine Terms section, which is usually full of things like “cloverfield” or “batman pics” but can on occasion turn up the following gems… 

1) “free fart sniffing movies”
This one is going on my CV. And if there’s a market for this kind of crap then I’m grabbing a camcorder and strapping it to my eldest for the day.
2) “mr. crabs boxers”
Does he wear them ? And isn’t it Krabs with a K ? They’re probably being bid on on e-bay at this very moment.
3) “The life of a cue ball”
Obvious how this found me, but what kind of life would a cue ball have ? And why would you want to read about it ?
4) “water gun fuel movie scene”
First prize of a set of steak knives to whoever finds the movie this person was looking for.
5) “pornarama”
From the yet to be realised column proposal ‘Kev’s Tuesday Night Pornarama Extravaganza’ in the comments section.



  1. Number 4 maybe Zoolander

  2. Did I say steak knives ? Fat fingers again I guess, I meant to type ‘fuck all’

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