Posted by: cueballcol | December 4, 2007


 UPDATED 18/01/08

New picture over HERE, apparently the real deal this time


Movietome is reporting that the below “very very unconfirmed” pic is our first look at the Enterprise from the new Star Trek film…


The article goes on to say that a Star Trek teaser trailer will precede showings of Cloverfield.

Check out this picture being run over at Hot Lard



  1. Cool. The other day Star Trek IV was on channel 253 and Star Wars IV was on 252. It was so awesome, star wars is my favorite, bu remember when Spock knock out the punk rock dude, or when scotty sees a keyboard, and goes ” a keybaord, how quanit.” i love that he was Canadian in real life.

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  3. Nice art work. I have not seen that one yet. I have one you can look at here.

    Not sure if it is real or not.

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  5. This isn’t real. It’s a CGI mock-up of a design by Gabriel Koerner, a professional CGI artist who works in the industry, back in May 2007.

    Here’s the real ship.

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