Posted by: cueballcol | December 13, 2007



I read with sadness the news today of Terry Pratchett contracting a rare form of early Alzheimer’s disease. You can read the BBC report here. I’ve experienced first hand the effects this illness can have on an individual and their families so I send every hope and good wish to Terry and his family at this time.

I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett books since around 1991 and it started off almost by accident. I was on holiday in Edingburgh with my mum in the summer of ’91, I would have been 14 at the time. We were walking around the city centre and happened to notice a sign in a Waterstones shop announcing that the following day Terry Pratchett would be signing copies of his latest book ‘Eric’. My best friend at the time (Mark Cole, get in touch if you’re reading this, it would be good to hear how you’re doing) was an avid Pratchett fan at the time, he would write and draw these Pratchett-flavoured comic strips called ‘Bozo the Barbarian’, so I figured I’d get him a copy signed for a wee present. So, the next day I did the very thing, got the book, queued up and told Terry my name was ‘Mark’ and he seemed very pleasant. On the car ride back down south to the glorious borough of Lough, whcih seemed to take an eternity to my young mind, I picked up the present for my friend and started reading.  As we pulled up in front of our house the book was finished and your man Pratchett had himself a new fan. I reluctantly presented my friend with his present the next day, but I’ve since aquired my own copy along with everything else he’s written and managed to get two further books signed by the man himself (with my name this time) whilst I resided in Derby.

Every so often, usually around the time he’s releasing a new book, I’ll pick up The Colour Of Magic and work my way through the discworld books. I must’ve done the full run through about four times so far and I never tire of them. Here’s hoping that run through list continues to get longer



  1. That is sad. He was prolific and funny and you didn’t have to be fantasy geek to appreciate his work.

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