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I’m not sure if I’ll be near a ‘puter on the morrow so have your goodselves an extra day on this bad boy…

Who or what links all three people/things in each case
01. Matt McCoy, Laurence Luckinbill and Liam Neeson
02. Alien Nation, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Blade
03. Dudley Moore, Will Ferrell and David Krumholtz
04. Bonnie Bedelia, Anne Archer and Annette Bening
05. Robert Carlyle, Anthony Hopkins and Ethan Hawke

Below you have a link and a name, all you have to do is follow the link to IMDB and form a chain to the name by clicking on only films (no TV allowed) and actors/actresses. Whoever comes up with the shortest chain gets the points
Here is an example:
Helen Mirren to Demi Moore
Helen Mirren was in The Long Good Friday with Bob Hoskins
Bob Hoskins was in Mona Lisa with Michael Caine
Michael Caine was in Blame It On Rio with Demi Moore
= 3 chains

06. Mystery Guest 1 to James Coburn
07. Mystery Guest 2 to Jodie Foster
08. Mystery Guest 3 to Isla Fisher
09. Mystery Guest 4 to Cary Grant
10. Mystery Guest 5 to Harry Dean Stanton

The following posters have fallen afoul of my enlarged thumb and forefinger, can you still make them out?

Answers below…



03. They’ve all played elves – KEVIN RITCHIE

04. They’ve all played Harrison Ford’s wife – KEVIN RITCHIE


06. 3 CHAINS – KEVIN RITCHIE – Can you beat it ?

07. 3 CHAINS – KEVIN RITCHIE – Can you beat it ?

08. 3 CHAINS – KEVIN RITCHIE – Can you beat it ?

09. 4 CHAINS – KEVIN RITCHIE – Can you beat it ?

10. 3 CHAINS – KEVIN RITCHIE – Can you beat it ?

11. Goodfellas – KEVIN RITCHIE

12. Santa Claus The Movie – KEVIN RITCHIE

13. White Heat – MICHAEL

14. Tango & Cash – KEVIN RITCHIE

15. Apocalypse Now – KEVIN RITCHIE



  1. 3. They’ve all been elves.

  2. 1. Paris Hilton was in Raising Helen with Helen Mirren

    Helen Mirren was in The Queen with James Cromwell

    James Cromwell was in Eraser with James Coburn

  3. Previous answer was for Number 6

    7. Peter Lorre was in The Raven with Jack Nicholson

    Jack Nicholson was in As Good As It Gets with Helen Hunt

    Helen Hunt was in Stealing Home with Jodie Foster

  4. 4. They’ve all played Harrison Ford’s wife.

  5. 5. Shakespeare

  6. 11. Goodfellas

  7. 14. Tango and Cash

  8. 15. Apocolypse Now

  9. 12. Santa Clause The Movie

  10. 8. Francois Truffaut was in Close Encounters of the Thrid Kind with James Keane

    James Keane was in Dick Tracy with Dustin Hoffman

    Dustin Hoffman was in I Heart Huckabees with Isla Fisher

  11. 9. Cynthia Rothrock was in Sci Fighter with Aki Aleong

    Aki Aleong was in No Down Payment with Joanne Woodward

    Joanne Woodward was in A New Kind Of Love with Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra was in The Pride and The Passion with Cary Grant

  12. 10. Megan Fox was in Transformers with Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn was in Ghostbusters 2 with Sigourney Weaver

    Sigourney Weaver was in Alien with Harry Dean Stanton

  13. Number 8 has a typo in it. It should be Third not Thrid.

    Man, I’m such a Thrid!

  14. 13. White Heat

  15. 3. they have all been santa claus

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