Ahh, just think. One day your name could grace these hallowed pages with its sweet smelling…er, not sure where I was going with that, quick..move on before anyone notices. At present that reality is but one correct answer away as the popularity of this quiz is in its drooling chubby cheeked infancy, so be nice to it but don’t give it too much sugar because it’ll turn into some Tazmanian Devil whirling dervish little fucker and bite your leg with its solitary peg. There’s a poem there, watch this space…..

UPDATED 25/01/08

1. KEVIN RITCHIE (60 points)

2. SAYURI X (22 points)

3. MICHAEL (19 points)

4. LEANNE (14 points)

5. ANDY (13 points)

6. ANONYMOUS (8 points)

7. LUCY B (4 points)

8. VIT (3 points)

9. NEXUS (2 points)

10. ARON (1 point)



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